The World We Are Dreaming

Be what the world wants to become. 

This Fall 2020 community singing playlist was crafted in the spirit of dreaming in the world we wish to see. It is offered that we all might be soothed and restored, inspired, aligned and united during a tumultuous time in our world. It is for all who wish to join us in listening, learning and singing a special new collection of songs from the community singing tradition.

Thank You for Joining Us!


The 14 songs in the 40-minute playlist come from 16 different song leaders and song writers. The set was curated by Lisa G. to guide us in the direction of healing, gratitude, relaxation and joy. Many of the songs have never been released before.

This playlist will only be available in this form October 10 through December 1, 2020.

The Playlist Tracks:

1) Slow it Down – Melanie DeMore
2) As I Relax – Lyndsey Scott
3) Good Enough – Lea Morris
4) Good Omens – Glen Phillips
5) Keep on Moving Forward/ Sigamos Adelante – Emma’s Revolution
6) Disasterous & Sublime – Laurence Cole
7) To Listen is to Lean in Softly – Eoghan Carrick
8) Let it All Go – Debbie Nargi-Brown
9) I’ll Walk That Way – Maggie Wheeler
10) Holy & Whole – Lisa G. Littlebird
11) Weaving Our Lives – Alexa Sunshine Rose
12) Not a Lone Wolf – Steph Drouin & Aimee Ringle
13) Building a Bridge – Samara Jade
14) Walking Each Other Home – Kate Munger

Bonus! You will also receive a 30-minute bonus playlist with an additional 9 tracks featuring songs by Laura Sandage, Melanie DeMore, Josh Blaine, Debbie Nargi-Brown, Shireen Amini, Michael Stillwater, Alexa Sunshine Rose & Emma’s Revolution.

Upon purchasing, the playlist will be shared with you in the form of a private Soundcloud playlist and also as files in a private Google drive that you can download onto your own devices. We kindly request you respect the artists by sending your friends to purchase here and not sharing the files with others before January, 2021.

Your purchase of this playlist is both an exchange and an invitation… please read on.

The Invitation

We invite you to frequently listen and marinate in the songs of this playlist throughout the fall, making them your own. Some are very simple and some have more complexity – we invite you to take time to learn them all so you can sing along. You will also receive email invitations to attend five free and optional Zoom calls this fall so you can sing and learn live with the artists and meet fellow singers. If you can’t join us live you will receive the call recordings to enjoy on your own time. You’re free to join one or all, and each will feature different guests and songs, along with breakout groups so you have a chance to meet and connect with other singers.

Our Zoom calls will be:

Friday, October 16 – 10-11:30am Pacific/1-2:30pm Eastern/5-6:30pm GMT
Sunday, October 25 – 12-1:30pm Pacific/3-4:30pm Eastern/7-8:30pm GMT
Wednesday, November 11 – 5-6:30pm Pacific/8-9:30pm Eastern/12-1:30am GMT
Friday, December 4 – 10-11:30am Pacific/1-2:30pm Eastern/5-6:30pm GMT
Sunday, December 13 – 12-1:30pm Pacific/3-4:30pm Eastern/7-8:30pm GMT

If you’re so inspired, you might structure a practice for yourself through the fall. You might commit to singing for 10 minutes each morning or focusing on one song per day. Or find a buddy or small group to be accountability and learning partners with. After purchasing you’ll also be invited to join a private Facebook group for artists and singers so you can connect with others who are learning these songs with you.

The Exchange

Your contribution for this playlist supports the artists who continue to connect and uplift us. In exchange for your sliding scale contribution you’ll receive the playlist plus a 30-minute bonus set of nine songs. You will also receive free invitations to join the Zoom sings with the artists.

There are four sliding-scale levels to choose from. The regular price is $40. There is also an option to receive a community supported rate of $20 or to offer community support for $60. For those who wish to express deeper support there is a patron option of $100. We appreciate your generosity! No one will be turned away from this offering. If you cannot afford the community-supported level please reach out.


Thank You for Joining Us! Purchase the Playlist Now:


**After purchasing, you’ll be directed to a page with all the songs and links.
Be sure to bookmark that page for re-visiting! ***