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The Bird Sings Oral Tradition Song Library

Online Song Library

Welcome to the beginnings of what is slowly growing into a collection of more than 400 oral tradition songs I know and share in my classes and workshops. You can search for songs using the search bar on the right, by category if you scroll down or the A-Z index.

This library is built and maintained by me as a labor of love. Right now there are no scores available for these songs. You can help support this project, including investing in the expansion of available scores and other resources, by becoming a Patreon patron. Thank you so much!

Search for songs by typing titles or lyrics in the search box or by the categories & keywords listed to the right.


Here is an A-Z Index.

For more songs:

***Check out the The Winter 2021 Playlist:  Boots on the Ground, Skin on the Line and The Winter 2022 Playlist:  Reach for Life, Songs for Holistically Resisting!***

And many more songs may be found on my old website here:

2014 Song-A-Day Challenge

I welcome requests and corrections to any errors you find.
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  • Hi Lisa,
    Just found you here. How lovely this service of love you have given. I tried the Patreon link and got a 404 Page Not Found Error.

    Would like to support your efforts.

  • Marilyn Norberg

    Hi Heather=looking for ‘Abre la puerta?”

  • Richard K. Reuter

    What is the correct title for”Is this apacolypeor spiritual awakening!?please!

  • Sarah kyrie

    Could you add a category for birthdays? Looking for something beyond the usual! Thanks, amazing work!

  • Lisa, Thank you so much for your arrangement of California Dreamin;. One of my
    all time favorite songs, and my Ubuntu choirs will love it. Thank you for your hard work and sharing it with us. Arana Kalwaic, Albuquerque

  • Susan Young

    What a great resource! Thank you for all the time you have put into this and sharing it for others to use.

  • Looking forward to a good year. !!

    “Those who are awake live in a state of constant amazement”

  • Ruth R Daskaloff

    To Lisa.
    I so enjoyed my first time hearing your wonderful voices last night at Carmel Valley. I was overjoyed, and I love your closing saying that hearing this wonderful music, that cancer cells would just dissolve. I am hoping that is true, as I have been taking chemo for two months. Devastating. I opted to quit that Xeloda.
    I felt renewed from the energy in that hall last night. Thank you so very much.
    Sincerely, Ruth

  • Corinne

    Is there a way to download or purchase these songs for when we aren’t within internet connection?

    • Lisa G.

      Yes! Click the little arrow in the upper right-hand corner of any track to download.

  • Pacia Platzek

    Thank you so much for adding the awesome filter “Easy Teaches”!

  • liz viciana

    hola Lisa and wholehearties

    would it be too complex too search for words – no idea of what takes- i often have some words and don’t know the name nor lyrics 😉 love

    • Lisa G.

      Yes you can always type the lyrics you know in the search bar Liz!

  • Marsi Lawson

    What a wonderful happening out there ! Your website is fabulous and I can’t wait to encourage something here . My friend LIz Murray has so loved being a part of this wonderful group and I love watching the joy flying from each happy heart!

    Marsi.. Director of Hemingway’s Retreat on Big Long Lake, Indiana..

  • Thank you for your generosity, passion, talent, orginisation, pure wonderfulness and your heart connection to spirit, earth and community. I feel myself shape shifting with joy and a new sence of who I am… a singer! when I sing with you and our choir tribe. I so apprecaite you and all you offer. I extend a deep bow of gratitude and respect. Lisa, you are the best!

  • Johanna Risse

    Awesome! This will feed my hunger for beautiful songs, thank you so much !

  • Janette Moody

    Just a suggestion…I find it hard to find songs by categories…tried to find Doin’ the Impossible for “After the Storm” show with Michael and when I write it in, it doesn’t come up. Would it be hard to do an alphabetical index?

    • Lisa G.

      Thanks Janette! That’s a good idea and I’ll try to add that in. I did try typing that song in and it came right up for me. One tip: Try typing just one word of the title, or the composter. If you type it a little differently than I have it listed the search may not find it.

  • King James russell

    Any chance you could remember 2nd or 3rd song we sang Friday nite in Boise -last lone (even when your by yourself)

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