Wholehearted Community Chorus

Thank you for your interest in Wholehearted Chorus! The chorus was founded in 2014 by Lisa Littlebird and grew into the largest community chorus in Monterey County by 2019.  The mission of Wholehearted is to create a more harmonious world by singing together.

In 2020, Wholehearted Chorus went on an indefinite hiatus due to Covid-19. While the official group under Lisa’s leadership is no longer meeting, many skilled members of the community have re-formed Wholehearted Community Song Circles. These circles are active and thriving in both Carmel and Big Sur, and you are invited! Read on for details.

Wholehearted Community Songcircles

The Wholehearted Community Songcircles are drop-in sessions that are led by graduates of Lisa Littlebird’s Songleader Flight School, with the intention to create a more harmonious community through singing.

All songs are learned by heart, in the ancient oral tradition without sheet music. Occasionally, we invite guest songleaders, who have regular songcircles or songcircle events outside the Monterey/Carmel/Big Sur area, to come lead and share their voice, songs and joy with our circle.

Schedule & Location

There are two Wholehearted Community Songcircles; one in Carmel and one in Big Sur.

The songcircle in Carmel is located at the Yoga Shala and meets every other Monday evening between 6:30pm-8pm.

The songcircle in Big Sur is at the Big Sur Grange Grange Hall and meets every other Wednesday from 6pm-7:30pm.

To receive the specific dates and/or to be added to the email list for future announcements, please email Kendra at kendramorgenrath@gmail.com.