Wholehearted Community Chorus

Thank you for your interest in Wholehearted Chorus! The chorus was founded in 2014 by Lisa Littlebird and grew into the largest community chorus in Monterey County by 2019.  The mission of Wholehearted is to create a more harmonious world by singing together.

We excited to announce our first new concert season in four years!

Wholehearted Chorus

2024 Season: June 10 – October 16
Open for Registration Now!

July 15 is the next in-person rehearsal and the final day to register for the season.

After a hiatus since 2020, Lisa G. Littlebird is returning to lead a new season of Wholehearted Chorus on the Central Coast in 2024! 

This new season format features monthly in-person rehearsals with Lisa and is supported by trained local songleaders who are keeping the songs going in drop-in singing circles through the summer.  The season will culminate in two public concerts at Hidden Valley Music Seminars in October, 2024.  Registration for this season is open NOW.

We welcome you!

About the 2024 Season

This concert season, entitled “Oh Grief, Oh Joy” features a collection of 15 songs, all of which are taught by oral tradition in community, supported by practice listening tracks.  You can find a preview of the season songs here.

These songs are sacred technologies of the heart. They are designed to support our natural connection and aliveness as we sing their potent messages in community.  Singers of all ages and experience are wholeheartedly invited to participate, and there is no audition.  We learn to attune to one another and become beautiful together through our shared practice.

The songs are a mix of styles and challenge, with some that can be learned in 5 minutes and others that will require more devoted listening and repetition.  Most of the songs this season are contemporary and in English.

This season is in a new format.  Artistic Director Lisa Littlebird will lead five, in-person rehearsals for the season in Carmel, and will be supported by several local songleaders who have been trained by Lisa to teach the songs and their different vocal parts at local song circles between rehearsals.  Debbie Nargi-Brown and Ahlay Blakely, two of our featured composers, will also lead a song circle or two.  The season culminates in two back-to-back concerts at Hidden Valley Music Seminars on October 15 & 16.  Singers are not required to sing in the concerts, but are highly encouraged to sing in both.  The two concerts will have the same program, offering an opportunity for all of Wholehearted’s enthusiastic fans to catch the show.

Schedule & Locations

Monday, June 10, 5:30-9pm – Season Kickoff with Lisa! In Casa Fiesta at Hacienda Carmel.

Monday, July 15, 6-9pm – Rehearsal with Lisa in Casa Fiesta at Hacienda Carmel – Deadline to register

Monday, August 12, 6-9pm – Rehearsal with Lisa in Casa Fiesta at Hacienda Carmel

Monday, September 9, 6-9pm – Rehearsal with Lisa in Casa Fiesta at Hacienda Carmel

Monday, October 14, 6-9pm – Rehearsal with Lisa at Hidden Valley Music Seminars (mandatory for concerts)

Tuesday, October 15, 7pm (5:30pm call time) – Concert at Hidden Valley Music Seminars

Wednesday, October 16, 7pm (5:30pm call time) – Concert at Hidden Valley Music Seminars

Rehearsals are only open to those who register for the season, and if you wish to sing in the concerts, you must attend at least 3 out of 5 rehearsals.

In addition to the official rehearsals, all participants in the season are committing to learning the songs by listening to the practice tracks on their own.  Singers are also encouraged to attend drop-in Wholehearted Community Singing Circles between June and mid-October as well, to be supported in your learning by local songleaders and community. (See below.)

Selecting Your Voice Part

When you register, you’ll be asked to select a voice part.  All gender identities are absolutely welcome to select any voice part!  To remain accessible for singers of all experience levels, none of the voice parts are particularly high or low.  If you are an experienced and versitile singer, we always need more singers in the soprano and bass/baritone sections!

This listening guide can help you choose.  Click on each to hear a low pitch followed by a high pitch.  Pick the one where your voice has the most comfort hitting both the low and the high note, as most of the songs will be voiced for you in between these two pitches.






There are two steps to register.  1) Fill out the registration form then 2) pay your season fee. 

Registration for the season is $250 and includes all official rehearsals with Lisa and concert participation, as well as access to all song learning supports and practice tracks.  Your participation fee covers leaders’ fees, as well as a host of rehearsal, concert and administrative expenses.  If you are enjoying abundance and can give a little extra, it will make it possible for us to offer financial assistance to others.  Thank you for contributing to our wheel of mutual generosity!

For couples who live together or children living with a participating parent, there is a family registration rate of $400 total for everyone in your household.  Each participating singer 15 and older should please fill out their own registration form.

Your registration fee does not cover drop-in fees for local singing circles. You are encouraged to contribute whatever you can at those offerings.

Your registration is refundable until May 19, after which it is non-refundable or transferrable.

To Register:

Submit your registration fee.

Use the button here, or send via Zelle to lisa@thebirdsings.com or Venmo to @Lisa-GLittlebird.




Wholehearted Community Songcircles

There are two regular Wholehearted Community Songcircles, where anyone can come on a drop-in basis by donation.  Local songleaders will be sharing the season songs occasionally at these gatherings between May and October, to support your learning for the concerts.  These circles meet in Carmel and in Big Sur.  Extra practices may be scheduled in September and October to prepare for the concerts as well.

The songcircle in Carmel is located at the Yoga Shala and meets every other Monday evening between 6:30pm-8pm.

The songcircle in Big Sur is at the Big Sur Grange Grange Hall and meets every other Wednesday from 6pm-7:30pm.

To receive the specific dates and/or to be added to the email list for future announcements, please email Kendra at kendramorgenrath@gmail.com.


What if I can't attend all the rehearsals?

For community continuity and preparation, we ask you to please prioritize the rehearsals.  Please attend a minimum of 2 of the first 3 rehearsals (June, July & August.)  It is fine if you have travel plans and need to miss one.  The October 14 rehearsal is required if singing in the concerts.  If you have an absolutely unavoidable conflict or get ill, we will have recordings of the rehearsals for you to listen to and practice with afterward.  If you know you cannot make more than one of the first 3 rehearsals, please contact lisa@thebirdsings.com before registering for the season.

Is there an age requirement or kids chorus?

Singers of all ages who have the natural, developmental ability to learn the songs and participate in focused rehearsals without becoming distractions for other singers are very welcome to join us this season.  There will not be any special kids chorus or meetings just for kids. We recommend this level of focus and commitment may be most suitable for kids age 11 and up, who should be accompanied with a parent or guardian if younger than 15.  There is a family registration rate of $400 for all singing members in one household.

If I sign up for the season, must I sing in the concerts?

Singing in the concerts is not required, however it is a true highlight of the experience and strongly encouraged!  It is a help for the continuity of the different voice parts if singers commit to joining us for both concerts if at all possible.

Is there a discount on the registration if I can't come to all the rehearsals or sing in the concerts?

No.  The season registration to participate is the same for all singers, at any level of participation.  If you need financial assistance, please apply through the registration form and we will see what funds are available through the generosity of our other members.

Will there be practice CDs?

All practice tracks will be provided in the form of free, digital streaming tracks on Soundcloud.  No CDs will be provided.

Do I need to live locally to participate?

If you can attend 3 out of 5 rehearsals plus the concerts, and you can commit to practicing and learning the songs on your own between meetings, we welcome you to join us!