Workshops & Retreats

Lisa offers community singing workshops for singers of all ages and abilities. Based on the Central Coast of California, she travels internationally facilitating workshops and weekend or week-long immersive retreats. In addition to her primary community singing workshop program entitled “WE SING: A Group Singing Workshop for Humans”, Lisa offers workshops with the following thematic focuses:

  • Sacred & Ceremony Singing: The Soundtrack of Modern Ritual
  • Music theory
  • Songwriting
  • Teaching songs to children – for primary school educators
  • School assemblies
  • Parties and festivals
  • Holiday events

Bradley Lewis, a NYU professor and Esalen Institute faculty member wrote this of Lisa’s guest workshop offering during his month-long course:

Lisa was outstanding! Her energy and heart was contagious and she quickly inspired the group. Not only that, we learned basic singing skills, got a chance to do spiritual rounds, did an improv, and even made up our own songs. Plus, we got a chance to deepen our awareness practice through singing in a way that generalizes to other aspect of life. It was a wonderful experience.

2014 Women’s Bali Retreat Photo Gallery

green-schoolAbout Lisa

Lisa “Littlebird” Goettel is the creator of WE SING™ community singing workshops, which she facilitates in the United States and internationally. As a singer, composer and voice teacher with a lifetime of musical experience, she invites singers of all abilities to explore the full potential of their voice through playful exercises and songs learned by oral tradition. Lisa offers group singing opportunities as a transformational personal practice and healing art, and builds community by sharing from her repertoire of more than 300 oral tradition songs from around the world. She has been on the faculty at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California since 2007.