Wider Circles

Wider Circles

A fabulous song of community and connection that works great with drums, guitar and any instruments on hand. The guitar chords are extremely simple (A & E), the melody is easy to learn and words are inspiring. The chorus is an easy, joyful singalong that makes for a great concert or song circle closer.

Composer & Copyright

Song composed by and copyright Rising Appalachia. Arrangement slightly modified for Wholehearted Chorus by Lisa G. Littlebird.


Recording by Lisa G. Littlebird with Zan Moore on guitar.


We are moving in wider circles
We are opening our circle
We are moving in wider circles
We are opening our circle
We are opening our circle

SOLO: Oh be a compass, I’ll be your lighthouse
Speak your words with triumph, I will watch your mouth
SOLO: I’ll march with you my sister to your place of fearing
We’ll dive into those waters, swim into the clearing

Chorus x2

SOLO: Oh be a pillar, I’ll be your mockingbird
We’ll sing the rock of ages, yes we will be heard
SOLO: I’ll march with you my brother to the mountaintop
We’ll hold back the dynamite, make the rumble stop
Everyone: Make the rumble stop

Chorus x2

We’ll always keep our heads up, we’ll always sing along
We’ll walk the path of kindness, know where we belong
Let’s form a great salvation through harmony and sound
We’ll know the shape of progress – like nature, it’s always round
Like nature, it’s always round

Chorus x2

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