Wholehearted 2024 Season Songs

May these songs inspire us and support our lives!

All songs will be listed here and have completed practice tracks before our season begins.

Hope, by Debbie Nargi-Brown

Gather, by Glen Phillips

Holy & Whole, by Lisa G. Littlebird

Kothbiro, by Ayub Ogada

Roadblock, by Debbie Nargi-Brown

On My Journey, by Michael Eagle Song

Net of Remembrance, Ahlay Blakely

Oh Grief, Oh Joy, by Debbie Nargi-Brown

Flame, by Susie Ro Prater

The Lost Words Blessing, by artists from the Spell Songs

Slowly, by Lisa G. Littlebird

Abre La Puerta/ Fly Like An Eagle, by Glen Phillips/ Steve Miller

Pride (In the Name of Love), by U2