Weaving Our Lives

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Weaving Our Lives

This beautiful song by Alexa Sunshine Rose was part of Lisa’s 2020 The World We are Dreaming Playlist project. It is a tremendously soothing round, singing to the connections we are always weaving, between one another and between our own joy and shadow.

All contributing artists to the 2020 playlist gave their permission to have their songs be added to this library. Individual parts recordings are not yet available.

Composer & Copyright

Original song copyright Alexa Sunshine Shelley-Rose.


Recorded by Alexa Sunshine Shelley-Rose & Aimee Ringle.


We are weaving our lives
We are weaving our hearts and our minds
We are weaving the bright and dark threads
Of our journeys through

We are weaving our lives
We are weaving a blanket of light
We are weaving a basket to hold
All that’s true

A Note About the Song from Alexa: 

This song came to me at the edge of dreaming, the morning after my late husband’s brain surgery. As I began to wake, I could feel the amazing, extensive network of love and prayers from so many sources that were holding us in a blanket of light— a
basket, woven of everyone’s shared intentions, that could hold all that was true. It was a profound sensation. Along with the feeling I could sense words, so I turned my attention to translating the experience into words, and still half-asleep, wrote the words for this song down. When I woke further, I tried singing it, and the melody came through whole. I love that it works as a round, so folks can weave voices when singing it.

How Is this Song Creating the World We Want? 

It speaks to our interconnectedness, how we are all related. It speaks to the “bright and dark threads” of our lives’ journeys, which are all a valuable part of the weaving.

All the parts of each person’s life experiences join together to hold us, in “a blanket of light/ a basket to hold all that’s true”. This is the kind of world community and recognition of our interconnectedness that I want in our world, and what I believe it is vital that we find, if we are to find a sustainable future to co-inhabit together.

Teaching Notes

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  • Eric W Van Dervort

    Is the sheet music available for
    We Are Weaving Our Lives

    • Lisa G.

      I don’t offer sheet music here. You can reach out to the composer, but in most cases it doesn’t exist. The songs on this site are designed for teaching without music.

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