We Are the Love That Came Before

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We Are the Love That Came Before

The melody for this song came to me in early 2017 but it wasn’t until I shared it with several songleading colleagues in one big epic improvisation at Village Fire 2018 that it came into its fullness. This song odyssey co-creation honors our ancestors and everything that has come before so we can be here now, weaving our hands into this world.

Composer & Copyright

Original song by Lisa G. Littlebird. (Although many harmony lines were born of the creative genius of Aimee Ringle, Te Martin, Josh Blaine, Laurence Cole & Annie Zylstra, among others.) ©Lisa G. Littlebird 2018


Recording by Lisa G. Littlebird.


We are the love that came before us, weaving our hands in this new world.

Other lines include:

We are the love, we are the love, weaving our hands in this world.
We are ones, we are the ones, we are the ones, we are the ones.
We are the love that came before us, we are the ones who will live on.
Keep on weaving.

Teaching Notes

This arrangement has complexity for the director but doesn’t take long for the singers, as each part only has a few lines to learn. Any simplified variation of this arrangement can be shared and learned on the spot with song circles of all kinds. The vocal and hand percussion lines offer energy and interest, and are a great way to integrate “non-singers”.


Level of teaching speed/ difficulty (1 = very easy, 10 = very challenging)

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  • Peggy Langford

    My daughter-in-law recommended that I go to your concert today and check out what wholehearted chorus is all about. After looking around on your website here and engaging in the sharing of song, love, and enthusiasm, you are to be commended for your energy and leadership! Wow! Hopefully we’ll (my granddaughters love to sing) be able to drop in sometime the next few months and get a closer look. Thank you for the powerful sharing today.

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