Uniendo Los Corazones

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Uniendo Los Corazones

This traditional folk song from Peru in Spanish and Quechua is one of the most infectiously joyous song prescriptions around. It is a wedding song, hence the reference to the silk handkerchief used in hand binding ceremonies, but it speaks to the unification of all hearts.

Composer & Copyright

Public domain. Traditional folk song from Peru.


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Uniendo los corazones (Uniting the hearts)
Seda, seda pañuelito (silk, silk handkerchief)

Ilandera warmicita (Quechua: Uniting women)
Wowkisito picitaka (Quechua: Men, countrymen)

Kusi kausay (Quechua: Happy life)


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  • alison

    can’t wait to hear your recording! i have heard Z sing this one. definitely infectious joy!

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