The Way Knows the Way

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The Way Knows the Way

If I was stranded on a desert island with one mantra, this song would be it. This gem of music medicine landed in the voice of my dear friend and singing sister Lyndsey Scott, as she biked around the midwest. It’s been changing lives and hearts ever since.

Composer & Copyright

Original song by Lyndsey Scott, recorded here by Lyndsey Scott and Lisa G. Littlebird. Lisa added the two higher harmony lines with Lyndsey’s support and the arrangement is shared here with her blessing. Melody and 1 and 2 are identical except for a little echo at the end of the song.


Recorded by Lyndsey Scott and Lisa G. Littlebird.


You don’t have to know the way
the way knows the way
You don’t have to plan the way
Trust the way, feel your way
The way knows
The way knows
The way knows the way

Teaching Notes

The melody of this song is all that’s required and it’s a 2-minute teach. Adding the two higher harmonies and little echo at the end is honey in the tea and takes a bit longer. It’s great with just the 2nd soprano harmony. Drums can add some juice. Enjoy this gem.


Level of teaching speed/ difficulty (1 = very easy, 10 = very challenging)

  • Maronda Rice

    Thank you for composing such a beautiful, comforting and inspiring piece of music. I intend, with your permission, to bring it to my Women’s Empowerment Choir ~ Voice Weavers.

    • Jen Kazen

      Yes, please share with your group. So much love and thank you.

  • Patty

    beautiful! Does anyone know the guitar chords that go with this song?

  • alison m

    love this one so so so much. thank you Lyndsey. thank you Lisa.

  • Catherine Brockbank

    Sublime. Thank you!

  • patricia marshall

    I was sublimely uplifted from a year of intense heartache by this glorious portent to the future. You are true bodhissatvas! Blessings

  • Bayla Greenspoon

    Stunning! Thank you for this gift.

  • ahhhhhhhh !!! that is pure beauty !! maggie

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