The River

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The River

An upbeat acapella song with rich harmonies, rhythmic bass line, singalong chorus and great lyrics. A favorite in our Wholehearted Chorus.

Composer & Copyright

Original song by Coco Love Alcorn.


Inspiration Track – Coco Love Alcorn:


The river is a healer, the river is a sage
The river knows no end and the river feels no age

The river is a leader every single day
It’s living in the moment and it always finds a way

Water heal my body
Water heal my soul
When I go down down to the water
By the water I feel whole

River calls me over – it’s calling out my name
In the day and in the night I hear that river all the same

It’s calling me over, calling out my pain
Oh a river gathers tears just like a river gathers rain


The river is a traveller – always on the go
Oh a river never worries if it’s fast or if it’s slow

River take me to where I need to go
And I will just relax and let the river flow



  • ana hayrabedian

    Are we able to download the bass part as well as it doesn’t give me that option. Thanks

    • Lisa G.

      Sorry about that Ana – I just fixed it so it’s now downloadable.

  • Is it possible to purchase the music for The River?

    • Lisa G.

      Hi Jack, I’m sorry I don’t have music for this. I did the arrangement by ear and taught the song by oral tradition. You could try reaching out to Coco Love Alcorn to see if she has a sheet music arrangement she can share…

  • Andrea Dunn

    life’s breath!!

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