The Only Way Through

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The Only Way Through

An awesome, lighthearted layer song from Dianne Baker about moving through challenge. I learned this one at Village Fire festival from Barbara McAfee.

Composer & Copyright

Copyright Dianne Baker. Contact Dianne for permission to record or perform for profit.




Part 1:
The only way through is through
The only way through is through
Well you can choose when it’s time to start
But the only way through is through

Part 2:
You get pressed down by a heavy hand
But when you hit rock bottom there’s a place to stand

Part 3:
You take one step, you’re still in the dark
You take two steps you might see a little spark
Three steps ahead you see the light of day
Keep on walkin’ ’cause you’re on your way

Teaching Notes

The song parts can be taught in any order. I often teach the third part first since it is longest and takes a little more time. I like to teach the whole group all of the parts on this song because they’re all so great to sing. When putting the parts together it can be a little chaotic, so I often just put two together at a time and then mix and match, with just a little time for all three parts going together.

Recording is in Bflat.


Level of teaching speed/ difficulty (1 = very easy, 10 = very challenging)


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  • Dianne Baker

    Hey thanks for posting this! Great to hear this song making its way in the world. There is now a groovy 4th part to add if you would like to learn it. Be in touch at to learn it!

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