The Heart Is

The Bird Sings Oral Tradition Song Library

The Heart Is

A song for the heart – three simple, independent parts that overlay each other.

Composer & Copyright

Original song by Lisa G. Littlebird ©2016. Contact Lisa for permission to use the song in recording or performance.



Part I:
The heart is not a room with space to fill
The heart is a door that opens to more and more

Part II:
I belong to this land
Take courage and hold my hand

Part III:
I have the key to open
I’m willing

  • Susan Nace

    My apologies! Thanks for individual sound files . . . of course this is best taught aurally, we don’t need a written copy! (However, may I have permission to transcribe it? I will be glad to send you a copy!)
    Have shared with my choral/singing friends!

    • Lisa G.

      Thank you Susan! I will be thrilled if you are willing to transcribe it and share a copy with me… Thank you, and enjoy!

  • Susan Nace

    This is a wonderful song and I would love to use it with my choirs!
    Do you have a transcribed copy I could have?
    Thank you!
    Susan Nace

  • Elle

    one of my favorites

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