The Course

The Course

Here at Wholehearted Chorus we are using this potent song from Ayla Nereo to feature soloists on the verses and our 20-member kids choir on the rousing chorus at the end. Eventually all our singers join them singing “I’ll fetch the water and I will be the course…. and I’ll call the rain.”

Composer & Copyright

Song composed by and copyright Ayla Nereo. Arranged with permission for Wholehearted Chorus by Lisa G. Littlebird.


Recording by Lisa G. Littlebird.


SOLO: Who will fetch the water?
Will it be your great grand-daughter
My darling, Who will fetch the water?
And what will be its course,
From the source how will it find us
My darling, what’ll be the course?

SOLO: And who will call the rain, feel it fallin’ to our skin
From a welling deep within, who’ll call the rain?
And who will strike the drum
When our thundering heartbeat needs it
When the feet gotta pray it down, who’ll beat the ground?

SOLO: Who will speak in truth
And where will they walk it, show us
How my darling, Who’ll sow the truth
And where from will it bloom, to the story as we shape it
For each other, brother sister, what we choose

SMALL GROUP: This breath we been given
This life we are tending
This garden we are seeding for the ones yet to come
Oh who will fetch the water
Will it be your great grand-daughter
My darling, Who’ll fetch the water?

KIDS, then EVERYONE: I’ll fetch the water
And I will be the course
And I’ll call the rain, I’ll call the rain


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  • Dionna Hargett

    I absolutely adore this beautiful song and it is my hope and vision to utilize it within my upcoming play. I so appreciate the fantastic and extensive work your group has done! I throughly enjoyed each recording.

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