Storm of Change

Storm of Change

This amazing layer song from Mackenzie (Meyers) Madrone is pure, empowering music medicine and a joy to sing. The song is built with several parts, with infinite ways of piecing them together for groups of different sizes and experience levels. In this arrangement for Wholehearted Chorus it has been arranged for six vocal parts, with parts 2 and 4 having fewer words and holding more of the drone parts in the song.

Composer & Copyright

Song composed by and copyright Mackenzie Madrone. Arranged for Wholehearted Chorus with permission by Lisa G. Littlebird. Recording by Lisa G. Littlebird.


Recording by Lisa G. Littlebird.


Ay dye dye dye dye
Ay dye dye dye dye

Like the wind and the rain, we come
Like a storm of change, it falls
In our hands ablaze, oh
We’re creatin’ a new today,
Aren’t we all

We carry
We carry it all
We carry it – all

Rivers rushing
Wind is gusting
Earth is moving
Fire’s ruling ohhhhh

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