Starting Now

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Starting Now

An original song by Glen Phillips with a beautiful message… seize the day! I’ve arranged this for a 3-voice part chorus to join in on the very simple, two-word chorus for an instantly satisfying, rich harmonic experience. More harmonies could easily be added.

Composer & Copyright

Original song © Glen Phillips. Recording by Glen Phillips & Lisa G. Littlebird. Please support the artist by purchasing his music here:



Wasted years – won’t wait another instant
Fed my fears of things that haven’t been yet
Well hope don’t mean you sit there, just waiting for the changes
It’s fighting for the lost cause, it’s getting in the trenches

Starting now (x2)

Well all I own is borrowed from my children
I’ll leave this world more bright than when I came in
So starting with the next breath I’ll dig a little deeper
I’ll live a little kinder and love a little sweeter

Starting now (x4)

Best time to change is many years ago
Next best thing is starting where you are
If heaven isn’t waiting, if all there is this
Why wait another instant to open up and live

Starting now (x5)

Teaching Notes

This song is an easy joy to teach if you or another soloist is singing the verses – it offers nearly instant satisfaction, as each part is very simple to teach on it’s own and together makes a beautiful chorus.

Key: This recording is in the key of A, with a key change up to B.


Level of teaching speed/ difficulty (1 = very easy, 10 = very challenging)

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