Spirit Found Us

This album was created by Lisa G. Littlebird and friends in a living room – We hope you enjoy singing along in yours!

All songs here were recorded with permission. These songs are designed to be sung and shared, but please get permission before recording or performing for profit.

Lyrics & Song Details

Please click on each song below for background information about the song, song credits, individual voice part tracks, lyrics and more! These are offered freely for your learning and enjoyment. If you’d like to offer a love donation in thanks, we will gratefully receive! You can donate on our SingWorldwide.org site here.

Abre La Puerta written by Glen Phillips

Bond of Trust written by Katie Sontag

Be Whatcha Gonna Be
written by Sarah Nutting

Turning Wheel written by Lisa G. Littlebird

The Heart Is written by Lisa G. Littlebird

Go Down Deep written by Laurence Cole

I Have Received the Benefit written by Lisa G. Littlebird

I Don’t Feel In No Ways Tired written by Curtis Burrell

Storm of Change written by Mackenzie Madrone

Contemplation Chant written by Sophia Songhealer

Doin’ the Impossible written by Laurence Cole

Spirit Found Us written by Lisa G. Littlebird

One by One written by Michael Stillwater – coming soon!


Album Credits

Directed by Lisa G. Littlebird

Recorded & Produced by Sandor Nagyszalanczy at Wise Acres Studios

Mastered by David Bergeaud


Chris Gourlay on Percussion
Rayner Marx on Guitar
Sandor Nagyszalanczy on Charango


Amber Kingery, Caitlin Rose, Chris Gourlay, Cynthia Fernandes, Ellie Kincade, Gail Chambers, Jack Hildreth, Jamie Oksas, Janette Moody, Johanne LaRocque, Karen Lehman, Kendra Morgenrath, Lily Buzzard, Leigh Fitz, Lindsey Wise, Lisa G. Littlebird, Lynda Sayre, Michael Lojkovic, Noelle Fletcher, Pacia Platzek, Paul Fridlund, Rayner Marx, Sandor Nagyszalanczy, Solomon Yoo