Spirit Found Us

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Spirit Found Us

Upon my first month spent as a work scholar at Esalen Institute in 2005, our gifted group leader David Schiffman was inspired to write and share this short poem with us. A few years later I put it to music and began sharing it in groups. I shared the song with David before he passed away and sang it at his memorial. Since that time this song has been traveling far and wide, a healing song of potent simplicity. ~Lisa

This song is versitile – hymn-like, march-like and easy to learn.

Composer & Copyright

Lyrics by David Schiffman, music by Lisa G. Littlebird.



In desperation we found freedom,
In freedom we found love,
In love we found devotion,
In devotion, spirit found us.

  • Nancy Melito

    Hello out there in the Internet ethers! A recent UUA service featured this beautiful, awe-inspiring hymn, and I would like your permission to use it for our upcoming Imbolc ritual through our UU church. We will not be recording the ritual, but we would like to post the lyrics so people can follow along, would that be okay with you?

    • Jen Kazen

      Certainly Nancy! Thank you.

  • Thank you for this beautiful song! We’d like to use it for a Zoom ordination in early March as a virtual choir. This would only be shared on our website.

    • Lisa G.

      Please do Sarah! Enjoy 🙂

  • Thank you Lisa. This is so beautiful. We plan to sing it during the laying on of hands at an ordination on Dec 1. May we print the words (fully attributed) in the order of service? And is it ok to make a written version to share with our choir? Not to publish . . .

    • Lisa G.

      Certainly Elizabeth. 🙂 Thank you

  • Hi Lisa—
    Wonderful song! Is it okay if we project the lyrics during a worship service while we’re teaching it to the congregation?—Phil

    • Lisa G.

      Certainly Phil!

  • Joyce Reid

    Hi Lisa
    Fabulous song which my acapella group has sung at worship. Spell binding.
    The group would like to record this song on a CD which will be used as a church fundraiser.
    Who do we contact to get permission and to pay royalties for recording this song?
    Your assistance would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

    • Lisa G.

      Hello Joyce! I’m so glad you enjoy the song. I welcome you to record it and am grateful for you asking permission. I simply ask for a one-time $50 fee for royalties for recording or performing for profit. You can Paypal it to lisa@thebirdsings.com. I will love to hear a copy when it’s done! 🙂

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