Soul Work

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Soul Work

Debbie Nargi-Brown is such a talent and beautiful heart. I’m so lucky to have the fortune to collaborate with her and I adore sharing her  great songs. This song, like so many of her others, manages to be simultaneously deep and uplifting, and is an instant earworm for life in all the best ways. Shared by the Wholehearted Chorus during the 2019-2020 Winter Mini-Season.

Composer & Copyright

Words with permission from McCall Erickson. Music and arrangement by Debbie Nargi-Brown, shared with permission. These songs, like most in the library are designed for sharing freely in your circles. Please credit the songwriters when you share, and ask Debbie for permission to perform or record for profit.


Recorded by Debbie Nargi-Brown.


Soul work is not a high road

It’s a deep fall into the unforgiving darkness (x2)

That won’t let you go until you find the song that sings you home

Teaching Notes

This song is a pretty easy joy to teach, with some extra listening and repetition of the last line often required. Most of Debbie’s songs benefit from a drum, but this one works well without too, and a guitar is certainly not required. Debbie typically encourages spontaneous harmonies on her songs and doesn’t tend to be too particular about those kinds of things, so play! But to be true to her energy you pretty much must require dancing. 🙂 Enjoy.


Level of teaching speed/ difficulty (1 = very easy, 10 = very challenging)

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