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Slowly is an original song by Lisa G. Littlebird about the power of meditation. Its slow, tender verses build into a chorus that invites all voices. It has been arranged here for Wholehearted Chorus. A professional studio recording from Lisa is coming in early 2025.

Composer & Copyright

Original song ©Lisa G. Littlebird. This, like all songs on this website, is a song made for sharing freely in community.  If you perform or record the song for income, please contact Lisa for permission. Arranged for Wholehearted Chorus by Lisa Littlebird.


Recording by Lisa Littlebird.


Solo Verses:

Stillness–  letting waves settle back into this
My senses and breath become
watchful, like the doe and her fawn in the grove
I know this unfolding of trust

Softly, making home on the forest floor
I lose my place in time–
Slowly, the deer comes to eat from my hands
In the stillness this trust can grow


Slowly unfolding, falling, holding
Slowly revealing, sourcing healing
Oh–– x3

Solo Verse:

Listening–  in the silence a presence arrives
Soft light and shadow play—
Gently, like a child I fall back in these arms
I trust this unfolding of love

Pre-Chorus + Chorus

Outro Solo Verse:

letting all settle back into this
I love this unfolding of life

Teaching Notes

This song was originally crafted as a solo performance piece, but the chorus just begs for lots of voices. I have only taught this in a community singing setting a couple times, where I simply taught the chorus melody to everyone, then sang the full song, inviting everyone in on the choruses, adding whatever harmony they wish.

In this arrangement for Wholeheared Chorus, the sopranos and altos carry the pre-chorus melody, and the altos and tenors carry the main chorus melody.

Key: Cm

Guitar lead sheet


Level of teaching speed/ difficulty (1 = very easy, 10 = very challenging)

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