Song of Sekhmet

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Song of Sekhmet

This song came through in pieces over the course of many weeks. As I was writing and uncovering it I experienced it as a song that was demanding itself be heard, despite the discomfort it often provoked for me. It is relentlessly fiery – an expression of love as a fierce “no” our boundary, as a mother protecting her young. As I was writing it felt clear to me that this voice is essential and called for in our world now. In a world where it is all too easy to lose sight of how our actions and lifestyle impact others and where we often lurch into excess and greed at the expense of others, this song offers a voice of fierce boundary that can be helpful in waking us up and restoring balance.

As I’ve been teaching it to Wholehearted Chorus, I have been encouraging my singers to make it their own, so it is personally meaningful for them. For me much of this song has been a response to climate grief, and some parts a response to the “me too” movement, along with a deeply personal journey of feeling the spirit of fierce, feminine power within. I wish to express my gratitude to Patra Lounsbury for making the connection of this energy with Sekhmet, the Egyptian goddess of fierce power, and for Deva Munay and all who supported this song’s birth and my integration of Sekhmet’s archetype within it. I would also like to thank Ben Gould for writing the men’s part, and Annie Anton for her contribution of one of the melodic lines.

Composer & Copyright

Original song by Lisa G. Littlebird, with contributions by and appreciations to Ben Gould & Annie Anton.


Recorded by Lisa G. Littlebird & Ben Gould. Due to the amount of clapping in the recording the song exported at a lower volume threshold. I recommend turning up your speakers and listening at a louder volume for the most accurate representation of the sound.



Lai, lai, lai, lai…

Awaken the light, the fire, the force, the source of all giving
Awaken the keepers, protectors and mothers of all that is living
Awaken the ones before and before who never have spoken
We serve and sing in loving alliance, our promise unbroken

Lai, lai, lai, lai… and we are not stopping
Lai, lai, lai, lai…. sekhem sahu
Solos: (1)The time is here   (2)here we come (1 & 2)to say “no more!”
(1)We are together   (2)together we sing

Sa sekhem sahu…

Men: We stand in devotional foundation, honor, appreciation

We stand before an ancient sun
All here must heal and open

We are the light, the fire, the force, the source of all giving
We are the keepers, protectors and mothers of all that is living
We are the ones before and before who never have spoken
We serve and sing in loving defiance, our spirit unbroken

Sa sekhem sahu

Sopranos: We are holding this, for our children, holding this
We are holding this, for creation, holding this
We are holding this, for our mothers, holding this
We are holding this…

We are not stopping…


Teaching Notes

A score for this piece is coming, as well as another version of the song in Arabic. To request a score, please contact

Key: The key of this recording is imprecise, but it will be scored in G.


Level of teaching speed/ difficulty (1 = very easy, 10 = very challenging)

  • Sekmet is my sister. I held her hand in metropolitan museum in NY. I talked to her. I asked for no more…. 2 days before pandemic. Before east and west explosion. She heard me. Titanic sinks. All good. Nice job. 9 is perfect


    Got chills! I’m gonna work up to this one!

  • fabulous song- any chance of the score- happy to buy it- my choir will love this!

    • Lisa G.

      I’m working on it Roz! Stay tuned…

  • Jolene Starr

    What a great song that reaches deep into deep, loving and fierce determination to help right wrongs, current wrongs and ones from the past. Thanks so much for sharing. Lisa, It has been such a pleasure watching your development as a singer, song-writer and leader in the world.

  • Gwendolyn Kilfoyle

    Feeling a Big YES & deep tears of grief, relief & gratitude for this powerful, fierce song of defiance & reclamation – and for the energies behind it. Thank you Lisa. XOXO

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