Vocal Coaching

davidAt this time Lisa’s private studio is full. She offers group vocal development series for members of Wholehearted Chorus.

Check back here soon for a downloadable audio and video voice series.

She specializes in:

  • cultivating the voice as an essential pathway to the reclamation of one’s vital life force in the world
  • teaching the basics of healthy vocal technique
  • ensuring joy remains a fundamental aspect of your relationship with singing
  • discovering a fuller, more authentic and open vocal tone in both singing and speaking
  • enhancing confidence and success in public performance/ stage presentation
  • reflecting and unraveling places that are blocking your most free expression
  • improving your musical ear so you can match pitch and harmonize with greater confidence
  • reflection and support on a path to greater freedom and joy in all aspects of your life
Thank you sooooo much. You helped (my son) tremendously... (He) said he wasn't at all nervous once he was on stage and he and his friend were the only artists up there who seemed to enjoy themselves, smiling and connecting to the audience and each other. So incredible... I know you had been working with them on these aspects as well. Much love to you.
~ Johanna, parent of one of Lisa's teen students