Oh River

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Oh River

This a new simple and beautiful layer song from Karisha Longaker of MaMuse. This hasn’t been released on any of their studio albums and is an easy, delicious one to teach in community singing groups of all sizes and levels of experience. It is arranged here in 5 parts for Wholehearted Chorus, with one or two audible additional soprano parts that can be added by soloists or additional divisions of the chorus.

Composer & Copyright

Original song by Karisha Longaker. Oh River is included in this song library with permission for the purposes of oral tradition singing and teaching. If singing this song for performance or recording for profit, you must get permission from and pay royalties to the composer.


Recorded by Lisa G. Littlebird, with base arrangement track from Karisha Longaker.



Finding my way, finding my way, finding my way,
Finding my way, finding my way back home

Boom bi- bitsa bitty bitta (x8)

Oh river, I hear you, feel you calling me
Oh river, who will I be when I reach the sea

I–– I am home (x2)

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  • nino maida

    I would very much like a pdf score/midi of all parts of this partner song.

    • Lisa G.

      We don’t currently offer any scores of songs here.

  • Thank you for sharing all these beautiful songs especially this one
    x x x from Scotland

  • Beautiful! Thankyou for your site, generosity and energy. I really appreciate the comments and recordings.

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