Net of Remembrance

Net of Remembrance

Ahlay Blakely is a master of complex rounds, and this is one of her finest.  An anthem of togetherness that will live in your cells long after you stop singing.

Composer & Copyright

Original song copyright Ahlay Blakely. Get permission from the composer before performing or recording for profit, and please honor Ahlay’s requests for reciprocity.


Please support the artist by purchasing the recording on Ahlay’s album, Spells From the Unknown, here.


Part 1:
Everyone feels and carries different parts of the story

Part 2:
And together we weave, we weave the net

of remember, of remembrance

Part 3:
We are not made, we are not created

to hold this, hold this all alone

Teaching Notes

Be sure to start this song nice and low, as each part gets higher and it covers a significant vocal range.  Encourage your singers to really go for the high 3rd section!  I suggest ensuring your singers know the whole song very well – well enough that they can sing it without your leadership – before beginning to try the round.  Part 1 begins on the downbeat. In part 2, the downbeat falls on to-GETH-er. In part 3, the downbeat falls on the first “made”.


Level of teaching speed/ difficulty (1 = very easy, 10 = very challenging)

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