Listen (Eel River Song)

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Listen (Eel River Song)

I heard this song came to Meredith Buck as she was participating in a women’s wilderness retreat where each participant was blindfolded and then asked to cross a river, following nothing but the sound of a drummer on the other side.

The second and third layers of the song take a litte time to learn, but the base part is so simple anyone can join in right away.

Thank you to Laurence Cole for introducing me to this gem.

Composer & Copyright

Original song by Meredith Buck.



Part I:
Listen, listen, listen, listen

Part II:
Lay yourself down on the rocks now
Let your body down in the river
Listen for the drumming on the other side
Lose yourself in the meantime

Part III:
Let your body be your guide
Let the water decide
Lose yourself in the meantime

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  • Fredereka

    This song!!! Ummmmazing!!!

  • Susan Peck

    Do you have contact information for Meredith Buck? I’m trying to find out more about this song.

  • Willow Hoffman

    Thank you!

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