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The Bird Sings Oral Tradition Song Library

Online Song Library A-Z Index

By request, here is an index of all the songs currently organized in this online song library. Many more songs are included in the 2014 Song-a-Day Challenge index.


A La Nanita Nana, traditional Mexican folk song

A Spell for Intergenerational Trauma, by Ahlay Blakely

Abre La Puerta, by Glen Phillips

Affirmation, by Joyce Zumeck

Alfred (The Alligator Song), by Nick Thorkelson

Alhamdulillah (see Working the Edge, by Glen Phillips)

All is Well, Lisa G. Littlebird

All One Heart, by Melanie DeMore

Ang Sang Waheguru, Sanskrit chant, arrangement based upon a version by Shimshai

Apocalypse, by Britta Gudmunson

As I Relax, by Lyndsey Scott


Babethandaza, traditional South African

Babylon (see Waters of Babylon or Rivers of Babylon)

Be Whatcha Gonna Be, by Sorah Nutting of MaMuse

Be Open, by Debbie Nargi-Brown

Birdsong (Unseen Song), by Samara Jade

Blessed Motion, by Annie Zylstra

The Blessing (May You Get What You Want), by Lisa G. Littlebird

Blessings Whenever You Breathe, by Melanie DeMore

Bond of Trust, by Katie Sontag

Breaths, by Ysaye Barnwell

Building a Bridge, by Samara Jade


California Dreamin, by the Mamas and the Papas

Chico Gospel, by MaMuse

Circle of Stones, by Tina Malia

Circle Round, by MaMuse

Come, Come, adapted by Glen Phillips

Contemplation Chant, by Sophia Songhealer

Conversations ‘Bout Reparations, by Arnaé Batson

Courage, by Pauline Pisano

The Course, by Ayla Nereo


Disasterous and Sublime, by Laurence Cole

Doin’ the Impossible, by Laurence Cole

Don’t Go Back to Sleep, adapted from Laurence Cole

Dunk Down, by Karisha Longaker of MaMuse

Dwelling in the Present Moment, by Laurence Cole


Earth My Body, traditional

Earth, You Hold Us, by Lyndsey Scott

Eel River Song (Listen), by Meredith Buck

The Elderberry Song, by Gabriel Kelly


Feeling Good, by Nina Simone

Flame, by Susie Ro Prater

Fly, by Debbie Nargi-Brown

Fly Like An Eagle, adapted from Steve Miller

Follow the Sun, by Xavier Rudd

Forget Your Perfect Offering, unknown

Freedom, unknown

Free, Free, Free, by Melanie DeMore

From Now On, by Lu Aya


Gather, by Glen Phillips

Get Up!, by Barbara McAfee

Get it Right, by Maggie Wheeler

Give a Little Bit, adapted from Rodger Hodgson

Go Down Deep, by Laurence Cole

Go Singing, by Molly Hartwell

Golden Thread, by Te Martin

Good Enough, by Lea Morris

Good News, by Coco Love Alcorn

Good Omens, by Glen Phillips

Grief & Praise, by Glen Phillips


Happy Together. adapted from Alan Gordon and Garry Bonner

Have You Ever Heard, by Rayner Marx

Hawaii ’78, by Mickey Ioane, Clayton Kua, Abe Keala and Kawika Crowley

The Heart Is, by Lisa G. Littlebird

Held Up, by Glen Phillips

Hold On (Help is On the Way), Traditional Spiritual

Hold On Just a Little While Longer, Traditional Spiritual

Honor the Dark, by Lea Morris

Hope, by Debbie Nargi-Brown

Hope Is the Light Within You, by Debbie Nargi-Brown

How To Hold On, by Melanie DeMore

Humble, by Chhaya I-chèle


I Am Free in my Body, by Shireen Amini

I Belong Here, by Alillia

I Can See Clearly Now, adapted from Johnny Nash

I Don’t Feel in No Ways Tired, by Curtis Burrell

I Feel You, by Lea Morris

I Have Received the Benefit, by Lisa G. Littlebird

I Love the Flowers, traditional

I Release Control, by Alexa Sunshine Rose

I Shall Be Free, by Kid Beyond

I Wanna Die Easy, traditional African American spiritual

I Was Born for This Moment, by Debbie Nargi-Brown

I Will Not Take These Things For Granted, by Glen Phillips

I Wish That I Could Show You, by Barbara McAfee

Ide Were Were, traditional Yoruba

I’ll Fly Away, traditional African American Spiritual

I’ll Walk That Way, by Maggie Wheeler

Ilu Finu, by Rabbi Miriam Margles

In Each of Our Hearts, by Michael Lojkovic

Into the Sun, by Hannah Mayree

Ise Oluwa, unknown from Nigeria

It’s Time, by Marilyn Power Scott

I’ve Been in the Storm So Long, traditional African American spiritual

I Will Let My Heart be Broken, by Debbie Nargi-Brown


Just an Initiation, by Shireen Amini


Keep On Moving Forward / Sigamos Adelante





Lean In to the World

Lean On Me

Let it All Go

Lift You Up


Listen (Eel River Song)

Listen to the Music

Love and Beauty



Mahk Jchi

Mary Mary

The Master Plan

May I Suggest

May You Get What You Want (The Blessing)

A Million Stars

Most Beautiful Sky

My Eyes are Opened

My Heart is Ready

My Strength and Your Song


Navajo Prayer (When You Were Born)

Now My Eyes are Opened (see My Eyes are Opened)

Not a Lone Wolf

Now that I know


O Break My Heart


Oh Freedom

Oh Grief, Oh Joy

Oh River

Oj Werzse, Mij Werzse


One Day

One Voice

Osiyeza (The Crossing)

Our People Gonna Rise


Prayers for Freedom

Pride (In the Name of Love)


Rain Song



The River

River of Birds

Rivers of Babylon

Roadblock, by Debbie Nargi-Brown

Rockabye Baby Child


Seven Principles

Shida Nyingi

Shine (by Lindsey Wise)

Shine On Me

A Ship Like Mine


Sing About It

Sing Till the Power of the Lord Comes Down


Slow It Down

Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child

Song for All of Us

Song of Sekhmet

Soul Work

Spirit Found Us

Standing on the Shoulders

Starting Now

Storm of Change



Thank You

That Which Lifts Us Up

The Earth

The Gates / Take Me to the Water

The Sky’s Reply

The Spark

The Way Is Clear

The Way Knows the Way

The World is Turning

This Fire

Three Days on a Mountain

Through That Gate

To Listen is to Lean in Softly

Too Much At Stake

True Names

Tuli Tuli

Turning Wheel


Under the Stars

Uniendo Los Corazones

Unseen Song


Vehicle of Soul


Wade in the Water

Wake Up Now and Sing


Walking Each Other Home

Walking in Love

Waters of Babylon, traditional

The Way is Clear


We all Live By

We Are the Love That Came Before

We Got You

We Heal Ourselves

We Let it Be

We Shall Be Known

We Shall Not Be Moved/ No Nos Moveran

Weaving Our Lives

Well May the World Go

When the Battle is Won

When You Were Born (Navajo Prayer)

Wholehearted We Sing

Wider Circles

Work to Be Done

Working the Edge



You Gotta Know What You Want

You Raise Me Up




  • Keith Samse

    Hi Lisa – I’m longing to hear and relearn the 4 directions song you taught at Song Village. Is it available? With deep gratitude…Keith

  • Doing my best to be the love my deepest heart is dreaming of
    With every breath I take, Let me be the love
    Hi Lisa, I accidentally erased my recording of this song and I want to teach it. Is it anywhere on your website? Sending appreciation and light!

    • Lisa G.

      Hello Aureya! I’m sorry I don’t have that one up, but you could try reaching out directly to the wonderful woman who wrote it! Karly Loveling –

  • Hi Lisa,
    The 4 directions song you taught at Esalen during the opening, where did that one come from?

    • Lisa G.

      I wrote it! 🙂 Coming here soon…

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