Let it All Go

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Let it All Go

This song was part of Lisa’s 2020 The World We are Dreaming Playlist project, and all contributing artists gave their permission to have their songs from that playlist be added to this library. Individual parts recordings are not yet available.

Composer & Copyright

Original song copyright Debbie Nargi-Brown.


Recorded by Debbie Nargi-Brown.


Part 1 

What if we just let go to know, it will be alright, it will be alright


Part 2 

Trust and know you can let it go, oh


Part 3 

I will carry you, I will carry you, let it all go


A Note About the Song from Debbie: 

I was inspired to write this song for a very special person in my life who was going  through a difficult time compounded by the pandemic. I felt helpless because I  couldn’t fix her situation. This song is about trusting and allowing something that is  much greater than ourselves to carry our burdens so that we can trust and know that we are not alone and that we will be alright.

How Is this Song Creating the World We Want? 

There is much fear and dis-ease in the world right now. This song is to bring comfort  to those you who feel overwhelmed or alone. I want a world where people are  connected and uplifted and to know that can just let go and be held and supported– especially in these times. 

Teaching Notes

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