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A hauntingly beautiful, sparse world music piece adapted for chorus with classical guitar.

Composer & Copyright

Original song by Ayub Ogada. Choral arrangement by Lisa Goettel.


Inspiration Track – Ayub Ogada:


Koth biro (Rain is Coming)
by Ayub Ogada

Aaaah haye haye
Haye haye
Haye haye

Oooh mam’ uwinja
Koth biro
Keluru dhok e dala (x2)

Yaye nyithindogi
un koro un utimoru nade?
Koth biro
Keluru dhok e dala

Translation from Dholuo:

Kothbiro (rain is coming)
Auma do you hear what I say
The rain is on it’s way
Return our cattle home

Yaye the children
What is it that you think you do?
The rain is on it’s way
Return our cattle home.

  • Lawrence "Okoth"

    So sorry we lost Ayub Ogada. Heard Koth Biro at the end of a movie and so looked him up and bought th CD. Just beautiful! And after 16 years in Nyanza we understand the words and love the music. Nyasaye mondo ojiw jodalagi Ogada.

  • I was listening to this calming song, I love this poetic artistry

  • Thank-you for writing this song it is so beautiful since I do poetry here is a poem this song is as beautiful as a flowers bloom go over the horizon venture with your heart ayub ogada

  • Fantastic vibe! (The rain is coming) The rain has come and hope it continues to make its way to me again.

  • Lynda Chebil Schoeman

    Thank you this song resonates with my present feeling…having lost the dad of my daughter young man still

  • Bosco D'cruz

    This song is magic. Magic.

  • Meshack Ogada OWino

    Perfectly awesome.Featuring the native setting of african heardsmen in the luo community

    Equally emotional and peaceful….

  • Merlyn Holmes

    Ditto to that above. Is it possible to get the chart?

  • Mahdi Alimohammady

    First I hear it in great Documentary movie of SAMSARA.
    This is beauty unforgettable.

  • Rev. Mitchell Hay

    For many years I have used this haunting song as a prelude to our Good Friday Tenebrae (Shadows) Service. Both the music and the refrain (the rain is coming) prepares folk’s hearts for the darkness of the evening’s telling. Listening to your choir’s version brought tears to eyes.

  • RIP Ayub Ogada!

  • Maja Ullrich

    i’m Maja from germany. I sing in an international choir called songlines cologne in Cologne (http://www.songlines-cologne.de/).
    I search since a long time chords for our choir for this song:

    Kothbiro (The rain is coming) – Ayub Ogada

    Where did you get the chord for this song?
    Could you send it to me for our choir? How much does ist cost?
    Best wishes and thank you,
    Sorry for my English..

    Dipl.-Log. Maja Ullrich

    Leostraße 18
    D-50823 Köln

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