I Wish That I Could Show You

I Wish That I Could Show You

This very simple, poignant song is sure to open the heart. The gorgeous piano on the recording here is by Wholehearted Chorus member Steven Yoo.

Composer & Copyright

Song composed by and copyright Barbara McAfee. Words inspired by Hafiz. Arranged for Wholehearted Chorus by Lisa G. Littlebird with piano by Solomon Yoo.


Recording by Lisa G. Littlebird with Solomon Yoo on piano.


I wish that I could show you, I wish that I could show you
whenever you’re lonely or walking in the dark
I wish that I could show you, I wish that I could show you
the astonishing light of your being

Teaching Notes

This is an easy one for heartfelt sharing. I always invite singers to consciously direct the message of the song as they sing it in different directions with each repetition, to others in the group, to a loved one who is struggling, to ourselves. It is also great to split the singers in half and invite each to take turns singing and receiving. For beginner groups or shorter teaching moments, the song works great with the melody only. Having a wonderful piano accompanist who can improv accompaniment is glorious, but certainly not required. As with all songs on this site it can be effectively shared acapella.


Level of teaching speed/ difficulty (1 = very easy, 10 = very challenging)


  • So absolutely beautiful! For those of us who don’t play piano, I wish you’d do an instrumental track!

    • Lisa G.

      Solomon Yoo did the piano and he’s wonderful! You might reach out to him directly to commission one… styoo@westmont.edu

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