I Release Control

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I Release Control

This song was part of Lisa’s 2020 The World We are Dreaming Playlist project, and all contributing artists gave their permission to have their songs from that playlist be added to this library. Individual parts recordings are not yet available.

Composer & Copyright

Original song copyright Alexa Sunshine Rose


Recording By Alexa Sunshine Rose


I release control 

And surrender to the flow 

Of love 

That will heal me


A Note About the Song from Alexa: 

I was walking in the forest at Breitenbush Hot Springs, pregnant with my first child and it came through as a little personal mantra, keeping me company as I walked. I didn’t think of recording it at that time, because it was “such a little song”. In 2012, I realized that I could sing it as a repeated mantra and in round, so I recorded it and  

included it on my second album. Since then, it has gotten very popular in yoga, healing and meditation circles and I have heard many stories of people having powerful healing experiences while listening to the recording or singing it. To think, I almost didn’t share it! I now use it as an example to aspiring singers and song leaders, to share their gifts, no matter how “small” they think those gifts might be.


How Is this Song Creating the World We Want? 

I want the receptive power of the Feminine to heal and guide us, personally and in our world communities. When we are surrendered to the flow of Love that is always present, we can allow healing to naturally come through us, “making right the path” inside and opening us to a world of peace and balance.

Teaching Notes

Coming soon!


Level of teaching speed/ difficulty (1 = very easy, 10 = very challenging)

  • Shanna

    I love this song. I first heard it during a hape ceremony. I’ve held it in my heart since. Recently I was sitting by the creek singing it. I heard rustling in the brush across the creek & this beautiful buck came to see where the music was coming from… I was amazed & yes I cried lol. Thankyou for such a beautiful song ❤️

  • Beautiful. would love to incorporate this into my daily meditations.
    thank you so much!

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