I Love the Flowers

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I Love the Flowers

An uplifting round and easy-to-learn campfire song, often found in the songbooks of the Girl Scouts.

Composer & Copyright

Traditional. This song is in the public domain.



I love the flowers, I love the daffodils
I love the mountains, I love the rolling hills
And I love the fireside when the light is low
Boom-di-a-da, Boom-di-a-da, Boom-di-a-da, Boom (x2)

  • Leo Aungier

    I learnt this song last week and sang to parents in a concert today.

    I love the song

  • Kathy Levenson

    I sang a version of this as a Camp Fire Girl in the 60s. It was fun then and still is!

  • Daniel J Henshaw

    When I was at school in the 80s the second half was
    And when she sun does shine my heart with pleasure fills
    Bom de arrha bom de arrha bom de arrha bom dadadada

  • Thank you so much for this post! I first heard/learnt this back in primary school I think, and then that discovery channel ad came out and since then I’ve always wanted to find the original song that they changed the lyrics for.

    Like all good things, stored in the archival system that is the internet forever! Thanks again!

  • OMG! I sung this for a concert 3 years ago. Glad i remember it.

  • Louise Cottrell

    I learned this as a kid. I remember it ending “I like to walk-a-doo, I like to walk-a-doo, doo walk-a-doo, walk-a-doo, walk-a-walk-a-doo” 🙂

  • April Payne

    Can’t believe I remember the lyrics accurately after all of these years! I sang it in Girl Scouts. Even got the boom-di-otta part right. Wow, just wow.

  • Justin Tai-Sen-Choy

    My mother has always told me that this song was composed by my great aunty Nora Sykes. She was an instrumental part of founding the girl guides movement in England after the second world war.

  • Lulu Flanagan

    I remember learning this in childhood. Maybe Girl Scouts? So fun to find here!

  • love it just love it absalutely amazing gosh just love it

  • Anne

    Lisa…… Love your site and your mission! I agree….. How much the world needs to throw off adult constraints, open up hearts and sing!!!

  • Jean Kaplan

    And I can’t wait to hear THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE!
    I’m making a CD of my favorites of your songs for my drive up North to sing-a-long! I love the various rounds in this song!
    Jean Kaplan

  • Jolene

    Love this one! I’m having fun exploring your website. Sure would love to have the Bali Happy Song. . . . . I’m not sure I’ve got the words right, but of course no one here knows the difference!

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