I Have Received the Benefit

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I Have Received the Benefit

A groovy layer song. The layering can take a little while to learn in groups, but the base layer works well being taught by itself, and it works as a round too (not recorded here.) I wrote the base layer in the bathtub on a day I was having a hard time, but determined to reach through my bad mood and find one completely believable, pure positive statement.

Composer & Copyright

Original song by Lisa G. Littlebird.



Part 1 (Low / Melody): 
I have received the benefit of a thousand acts of love and kindness in my life.

Part 2 (Middle): 
Offering the benefit, I believe in the power of love and kindness. I believe in my life.

Part 3 (High):
Hallelujah! (x3) I believe in love and compassion.

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