Hold On Just a Little While Longer

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Hold On Just a Little While Longer

An easy-to-learn, slow, emotional gospel song with rich harmonies and freeform gospel solo.

Composer & Copyright

Traditional gospel song in the public domain. This arrangement by Lisa Goettel.


Inspiration Track – Kuumba Singers of Harvard College:


Hold on just a little while longer (x3)
Everything will be alright

Pray on…

Sing on…

  • Glenn Vaughn

    First- May I have your permission. To send u a video of an interpretation of ‘Hold On Just a Little While Longer?’
    Secondly, the NAACP in Spokane has shown some interest in using this production in an enhanced role.
    Third – Since this seven minute video will be screened in other venues I’d appreciate it if you would share the process u used to determine that it’s in the public domain.
    If/when you help I’d like to help you with your time etc. with a contribution to your organization. Many thanks. Gv

  • Gwen Chapper

    This song touches your soul.
    It’s so encouraging and Pastor Alphonso Bowen’s voice was so so powerful. This song encourages you to hold on!


    This song touched my soul, heard it at a time of discouragement, people can really hurt you with their words, God is telling me to hold on just a little while longer and everything will be alright. Thank you for these encouraging words.

  • Michael

    I heard this song in a video game… I never knew it was a gospel song!

  • Fannie Blair Lane

    I live in the South, I have never heard this song until I watched Madea Family Reunion. And its so much feeling and emotion in that few minute I sheds tears every time. Our ancestors went through so much, and I do thank Mr. T. P. for allowing the Lord to use him in such a spiritual growth of away to reach His people. GOD’S BLESSING TO YOU ALL

  • Wonderful ! Thank you! I was looking for that also!
    Thank you for your work, for your sharing, for your generosity!
    Best wishes from Vienna/Austria!
    We all hold on!

  • Patricia Mooka

    Lyics for the gospel song “Hold on just a little longer”

  • Eva

    thank you The bird sings! I’ve been looking for this!!! for our community singing circle!!! :DDD

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