Go Singing

Go Singing

This song is absolutely infectious and is versitile – it could be made into very simple arrangement with soloists, or be more fleshed out as it is here for a chorus with several sections. This arrangement for Wholehearted Chorus is closely based upon the original as performed by the Santa Cruz acapella women’s group Sirenz, as well as Maggie Wheeler’s arrangement for the Golden Bridge Choir which she generously shared with me.

Composer & Copyright

Song composed by and copyright Molly Hartwell, as originally recorded for the acappella group Sirenz.


Recording by Lisa G. Littlebird for Wholehearted Chorus.


Eh- eh- um…

If they’re gonna take me down, I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go singing
If they’re gonna bring me down, I’m gonna go, I’m gonna go dancing

Cause I know what’s at stake here & I will not stop loving this (x2)

I will not stop loving this life, I will not stop celebrating,
I will not give up this vision of peace

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