Gather Your Resilience

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Gather Your Resilience

This is a song about gathering support from others in our times of need. Inspired by Resmaa Menakem’s iconic book My Grandmother’s Hands, I first learned this song from Shireen at Song Village in 2022 where I remember my heart opening so wide I just wept in the loving arms of our big, singing community.

Composer & Copyright

Original song ©Shireen Amini. This, like all songs on this website, is a song made for sharing freely in community.  If you perform or record the song for income,  contact Shireen for permission.



Part 1:
Resilience isn’t just from me
It comes from all the ones who choose to hold me and love me
Resilience is built from within
But also from the ones whose strength I choose to let in

Part 2:
Gather your resilience
Let your pride be gone
Gather your resilience
Someday you will pass it on

Part 3:
Just as much as pain, or more,
We gather, we store resilience


Guitar Chords

    Am                     C                         Dm                     G

|  –     –     –    –    |  –     –     –    –    |  –     –     –    –    |  –     –     –    –    |

Teaching Notes

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