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This is a gorgeous song from English songleader and composer Susie Ro Prater after her father’s death. It is arranged for four voice parts and the harmonies are so delicious…

Composer & Copyright

Original song ©Susie Ro Prater. Song leadersplease support the artist by visiting her website and purchasing the song score and practice tracks.


I will not keep these practice tracks on my site after October, 2024. They are intentionally not downloadable by the public. Please support the artist and use the above links to purchase yours. Recording by Susie Ro Prater.

Wholehearted Chorus members: Men all sing the bass part, Women’s High = Soprano, Women’s Middle = Alto & Women’s Low = Tenor.


Listen deeply,
a flame is rising in the center of the storm
She sings in silence,
inside the ocean of my soul

Voices rise and weapons fall
and nations unite across the world
and songs of peace at the heart of every land
oooh– or heart of every land

Teaching Notes

This song, while dense with rich and close harmonies in four voice parts, I found easier to teach than I expected. The song is really just two sections, and I was able to teach this to my choir without lyric sheets or sheet music in just a few sessions of about 20 minutes each.

Key: This recording is in the key of C# minor.


Level of teaching speed/ difficulty (1 = very easy, 10 = very challenging)

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  • Richard Steffensen

    This beautiful composition has the power to make the world a better place.
    Sing it. Share it. Believe it.
    p.s. It’s also so fun to sing. I just love it!

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