The Elderberry Song

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The Elderberry Song

An original song by Santa Barbara native Gabriel Kelly. See the inspiration track video below to hear the complete story of the song in Gabriel’s words.

This song is comprised of syllables (no words) and has two parts. Both parts cover a relatively large vocal range that can be challenging for some singers, so differentiating them between “low” and “high” is somewhat deceiving. In the arrangement, each part is sung alone then both are sung together simultaneously.

Composer & Copyright

Words & music by Gabriel Kelly. The arrangement for chorus by Lisa Goettel closely follows the original.


Inspiration Track – The Story of the Elderberry Song:

Inspiration Track – Original Album Recording:


Ya we-la ya
a we-la ya, a we-la ya ho
ya we-la ya
A we-la ya ho, ya we-la ya
We-la ya ho, ya ho, ya ho

Ya hey hey
Na na na…

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  • Louise+Cottrell

    What are the chords for this? So beautiful!

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