Earth My Body

The Bird Sings Oral Tradition Song Library
  • Valentina

    The most moving version I have heard, by Nicole Sagsuree What am amazing woman
    Blessed be So grateful to have the videos thank you
    May her spirit comfort you

  • Surya P Nair

    Dear Ann, I am deeply sorry you lost your niece. The loss is that of all her fans too worldwide. I am from India. Do you have native American blood?

  • Ann Barrett

    Hello again!
    Although I’m sure it was beautiful, I think I may have sent you the wrong “Earth my body.”
    I hope this is the correct one by my niece Nicole Sangsuree Barrett.

  • Ann Barrett

    I just sent you an email regarding my nieces song “earth my body.“ I forgot to tell you she also wrote a song called “the birds still sing” which is oddly similar to the name of your group! She wrote it after the tsunami hit Thailand. She was there to help out afterward. She just happened to be there. The song is beautiful and has a Positive message. No matter how bad things get the birds still sing! Her name is Nicole sangsuree Barrett and she was born and raised in Portland Oregon so just down the road from you! You can check it out on iTunes. I think you’ll love it!
    Ann Barrett

  • Ann Barrett

    I thought you might like to hear my nieces rendition of Earth my Body.
    It’s very beautiful and the first time I heard it was the day after she was killed in Thailand. She was hit by a car and then she was gone. This happened in 2014 and A piece of me will forever be missing. I believe she shot the video in Thailand as well. I hope you enjoy it. It’s pretty spectacular.
    Much love, Annie B

  • Janice nick jonas

    Earth my body water my blood air my breath fire my spirit thank you god god bless you

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