Blessings Whenever You Breathe

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Blessings Whenever You Breathe

This song was part of Lisa’s 2020 The World We are Dreaming Playlist project, and all contributing artists gave their permission to have their songs from that playlist be added to this library. Individual parts recordings are not yet available.

Composer & Copyright

Original song copyright Melanie Demore


Recorded by Melanie Demore


Parts 1 & 2 


Blessings whenever you breathe 

Blessings whenever you breathe 

Blessings whenever you breathe 

Blessings all around


Part 3 


Bless your heart 

Your tender, tender heart 

Bless your heart 

Blessings whenever you breathe


A Note About how this Song Came to Be from Melanie: 

In these times, everything is about the breath: I can’t breathe, holding our breath, not be able to breathe on each other, the Mother Earth gasping for breath. 

How Is this Song Creating the World We Want? 

The song has a body percussion part that rhythmically massages the lungs as we sing.

Teaching Notes

Coming soon!


Level of teaching speed/ difficulty (1 = very easy, 10 = very challenging)

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