Blessed Motion

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Blessed Motion

What a gorgeous gem of a song about change from my midwest song friend and harmony genius Annie Zylstra. Read all about it on her  Heartland Harmony website.

Composer & Copyright

Original song by Annie Zylstra.


Recording by Annie Zylstra which you can also access on her Heartland Harmony website. Lisa G. Littlebird recorded the individual part tracks in the full arrangement setting and it is shared here with Annie’s permission.


I believed in solid ground
until I saw the earth in motion,
in the winds of steady change
and in the ever-rolling ocean

All moves on in perfect, perfect motion
All is change and ever-rolling ocean

All is moving, all is change, though I once believed that there
might somehow be something firm beneath my feet, but
All is motion, and all is well for solid ground is just a myth
for those who never swim in it.
All is moving in blessed change, o the world we know
will come and go and everything will rearrange, so
be the ground beneath that sky,
tumbling round the by and by.
All is change, so am I.
lye lye lye, lye lye lye.

Teaching Notes

This acapella song can be made quite easy or quite complex, depending on how much you choose to teach. The initial melody in the first section of the song is beautiful on it’s own and can be taught alone in unison or with its one or two harmonies in a few minutes. Adding the four-part, dense harmonies in the second section is a bigger project, and the soprano solo at the end is suitable only for advanced singers.


Level of teaching speed/ difficulty (1 = very easy, 10 = very challenging)

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