Be Open

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Be Open

I adore starting song circles with this easy fast-track to upliftment. Look no further for the perfect recipe to instantly dissipate nervous energy among new singers, and rock the hearts and smiles of your most willing. Thank you Debbie Nargi-Brown.

Composer & Copyright

Words and music by Debbie Nargi-Brown, shared with permission. These songs, like most in the library are designed for sharing freely in your circles. Please credit the songwriters when you share, and ask Debbie for permission to perform or record for profit.


Recorded by Debbie Nargi-Brown.


Be open for something wonderful to happen

Be open to the possibility (x2)

Aiye Aiye Aiye, Aiye Aiye Aiye (x2)

Teaching Notes

This song is such a great opener.  Debbie and I invite singers to think of something they want to manifest in your life, sing this song and watch what happens.


Level of teaching speed/ difficulty (1 = very easy, 10 = very challenging)

  • andrew stutter

    so amazing

  • LOVE this song!!Thanks.

  • Alison Miller

    loving this so much right now!

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