Be Whatcha Gonna Be

Be Whatcha Gonna Be

A simple, wonderful song of empowerment that begs everyone to sing along, from Sarah Nutting of MaMuse. NOTE: This recording has been updated as of mid-June 2018 with personally corrected parts by Sarah and a new arrangement for Wholehearted Chorus. In this arrangement, the chorus splits in two parts (low and high), and within each section singers split up to take turns holding the ongoing bass lines or responding to the caller.

Composer & Copyright

Song composed and copyright Sorah Nutting of MaMuse. Be Whatcha Gonna Be is included in this song library with permission for the purposes of oral tradition singing and teaching. If singing this song for performance or recording for profit, get permission from and pay royalties to the composer.


Recording updated and checked with the composer 6/17/18 by Lisa G. Littlebird for Wholehearted Chorus.


Ba-doom bee-da, ba-doom bee-da
Ba-doom bo-da, ba-doom bo-da
Ba-doom bee-da, ba-doom bee-da
Ba-doom bo-da, ba-doom bo-da

Walk your walk, sing your song
It’s your life, you belong
We are here, we are free
Don’t you worry, just be whatcha gonna be


Teaching Notes

I love teaching this song in circles with singers of every level of experience. It’s an epic kids song! It can be taught very quickly and it’s a great opener or closer. I usually start by introducing the words by call and response slowly (I’m the caller), then getting the group going with the quick call and response timing. Because it’s call and response the singers don’t need to memorize the words and tend to pick it up very quickly. I then teach the bass line with harmony and get everyone going with that. After that’s going I’ll indicate to a section of the circle to respond to my call while the rest of the circle holds the bass lines, then switch. The ending can become a fun, popcorn-style improv ending of the “be whatcha gonna be” line. This song works great with or without drums.

This recording is in G, although it’s versatile up or down a few steps.


Level of teaching speed/ difficulty (1 = very easy, 10 = very challenging)

  • Rochelle Dietz

    Taught this to my group of 7th graders! They LOVE it! Thanks so much. Your website is so inspiring and I love learning new songs and teaching to my students.

  • Siera Kaup

    Is there a score for this 4 part arrangement? Thanks!

    • Lisa G.

      Hi Siera, I don’t have scores for anything on my site at this time.

  • Exploring your website… I love this!

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