A La Nanita Nana

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A La Nanita Nana

A Spanish lullaby, often sung as a carol in the holiday season as a lullaby to the baby Jesus.

Composer & Copyright

Traditional Mexican folk song in the public domain.



A la nanita nana
nanita ella, nanita ella
Mi niñ(a) tiene sueño
bendito sea, bendito sea  (x2)

Fuentecita que corre
Clara y sonora
Ruiseñor que en la selva
Cantando y llora
Calla mientras la cuna
Se balancea
A la nanita nana
Nanita ella


Come, let’s sing a little lullaby,
come, let’s sing a little
My baby girl is sleepy,
blessed be, blessed be

Little spring running
clear and loud
Nightingale that in the forest
Sings and weeps
Hush, while the cradle rocks

Come, let’s sing a little lullaby
Come, let’s sing a little


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