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"I feel like I've found my heart's home with all of you. You and your vision are a gift from the Divine."
~ Cata

"Do yourself a favor and take one of Lisa Goettel's Rise Up Singing workshops - she has a wonderful style, great talent, and an endlessly encouraging attitude. Highly recommended!"
~ Ed

"My first experience with any type of organized group singing and I now wonder what I've been waiting for. Lisa fosters a nuturing, safe, encouraging atmosphere for everyone to learn in, and it's really fun! You won't believe you can sing the stuff Lisa puts out there but you'll soon see that you can! "
~ Stacy

"Thank you for being such an inspiration and solid teacher. I loved all the tools you gave to us and I think of you almost every time I sing, guiding the sound coming up and out of me, listening to the sound out in the room and having the breath support you in making sounds that are challenging for you either way up high or deep down low.

I have been on a beautiful discovery in this past short period of time and have started singing more and more. I even sang at a friend's wedding last weekend in front of a hundred people. Woweee!"
~ Naomi

"Lisa is a very lovely, encouraging teacher and she understands how people can find their access to sing. (The workshop) was full of supporting methods to find our own voice and full of joyful moments of singing. A rich and varied journey to singing"
~ Sabine

"I want to appreciate you for creating such a loving safe environment to share ourselves in!"
~ J

"Thank you so much for helping me find joy in singing; i have been silent so long... you've touched my heart."
~ Beth Ann

"I took your singing workshop at Esalen at the end of February and had such a wonderful time. Your attention to helping us find our voices, and encouragement to break out of what binds us and find happiness in expression have stayed with me, as has a saying you used which was something like 'what you practice you become.' For a yoga practitioner, that really resonates! :)"
~ Sarah

"Loved your workshop at Esalen last week. Love your joyous spirit."
~ Dan

"I took a 1 hour workshop with you at Esalen in Dec. Thank you, I wanted to honor you for helping me realize my voice. As a child I sang all the time. During that 1 hour my soul rejoiced in finding that long lost place once again. Gracias."
~ Alana

"Just wanted to say how I loved your singing hour at esalen a few weeks ago. You have so much to offer. I'm glad you're doing what you do and will remember you if the occasion ever presents, to bring you to Colorado!"
~ Beth

"I love your singing classes! I'm not a very strong singer and sometimes off key but I love to sing! You make it seem so easy and in a group I feel like I don't stand out so much! Thanks for doing them."
~ Sue

"Rise Up Singing was delightful and fun - really facilitated beautifully."
~ Teri

"Rise Up Singing was joyous. I loved it."
~ anonymous

"Just to know that I have singing class to look forward to each week, keeps me happy and moving forward. Lisa has a way of evoking the song inside of us all, even if we thought we couldn't sing or had a non-singing voice. Singing class with Lisa is like an avenue to our souls thus allowing us to do things we thought we didn't have the courage to do... sing solo and perform with the whole singing group in our community. We have so much fun and feel great!"
~ LaVerne

"Love the Wednesday night singing! It's fun and I always feel rejuvenated afterwards."
~ Lynda

"Lisa's Rise Up Singing (was) great! Real support for healthy singing and very enjoyable group experience."
~ Ann

"Thank you so very much. Please, Please, Please come back soon."
~ Julianne

"I have a confession: I used to sing alone, often. Turn on the music in my car and belt out Patsy Cline tunes, Hindu chants, Cuban ballads and sometimes, even, Burt Bacharach. It was an embarrassing but essential part of my self that I had to explore, and for many years I did.
Then, along came Lisa Goettel and Rise Up Singing! Now I sing Gospel, international protest songs, lullabies and be-bop old time tunes in new arrangements. I'm learning how to use my breath, harmonize, and put my heart in my voice. Lisa's repertoire seems endless, her ear perfect, and her coaching gentle and fun.
I still sing alone sometimes, but it's different now. Instead of feeling shy, I feel empowered by my voice, this strange vocal energy I can produce in a new way, thanks to Lisa's work."
~ Linda

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I want to sing like the bird sings, not worrying who listens or what they think. - Jelaludding Rumi