Lisa Goettel singing and teachingI have sung my whole life - it is a part of the fiber of my human expression. I can't not sing. In recent years, that personal enthusiasm has turned into an unbridled passion for infecting everyone who is willing with the same joy. I firmly believe that everyone, absolutely everyone, has the ability to sing when given the guidance and support they need.

My singing classes and workshops often attract those with enthusiasm but trepidation. "I can't really sing, but I'd love to!", or "I only sing when I'm by myself," are things I hear every day from new students. So many people have been taught to believe they can't sing... and this belief, often caused in one traumatic childhood moment, turns into a whole life lived in fear, repression and inhibition around one of our most powerful and free gifts of expression.

As a culture, we don't have many opportunities to sing, unless it's in a formal choir or in a spotlight solo situation. My classes and workshops offer a space where we can connect and explore our own voice in the safe haven of one, larger group voice. For those who are more experienced and want technical guidance, I can offer tools for greater vocal freedom through private or group lessons. My ongoing classes and workshops focus much more on play, joy and connecting with our spirits and each other, where nobody ever has to sing alone.

I can't wait to sing with you.

~ Lisa

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I want to sing like the bird sings, not worrying who listens or what they think. - Jelaludding Rumi