Private Voice Lessons

Lisa is available to schedule private voice lessons with singers who:

  • are looking to deepen their relationship with their voice
  • want to bring more joy into their relationship with singing
  • wish to sing more freely and without pain
  • would like to improve their musical ear, matching pitch with greater confidence
  • wish to sing with and teach songs to their children
  • need a refresher on healthy vocal technique
  • are looking for personal reflection and support on a path to greater freedom and joy in all aspects of their life

What to Expect

Private lessons typically focus on mastering the basics, though they are highly customized to meet your personal needs. You may come with specific requests or open curiousity.

Lessons are 45 minutes and may be scheduled in person or via Skype. Lisa's private lessons are not intended to be a regular, ongoing training. They are designed to give you tools and refreshers that you can use to support your own practice of singing at home and in community for the rest of your life.

Before your lesson, please sleep and hydrate well, have water with you and bring a notepad and pen to take notes.

To Schedule

Contact Lisa to set up a time. Submit your lesson fee in advance via Paypal or bring cash or check to your in-person lesson. Lessons are $45 each, or $120 for a bundle of three.

In person lessons are available at Lisa's home in the Monterey area most of the year, and wherever Lisa is traveling to teach workshops.

Purchase 1 voice lesson:

Purchase a bundle of three voice lessons:


I want to sing like the bird sings, not worrying who listens or what they think. - Jelaludding Rumi