frequently asked questions

What are your classes like?

In a nutshell they are focused on fun, connection and exploration. I offer tips and techniques to help students find and open their voices with vocal and breathing exercises, however the bulk of the time is spent learning songs together - often in parts and rounds. The songs are of every genre and are taught by rote (line by line) so they don't require music reading. For more info on my philosophy and style, check out the singing page.

Do I need to be able to sing to take your class?

You definitely don't need to be able to think you can sing well or on pitch to participate, because what's true is that you can sing and just may not believe it yet. You are not the exception! Every single person I have ever met has had the ability to learn how to sing. My teaching style will challenge your beliefs in the kindest way possible. You never have to sing by yourself, so you can explore your voice at your own pace under the comfortable blanket of our group sound. Your willingness, curiousity and courage is enough.

Do I have to sing by myself?

Never, if you don't want to. You'll receive personal invitations to play with your voice, but always within the the group singing together. We may play with individual vocal and percussion improv parts or solo lines from time to time, but they are always optional.

What kinds of music will we sing?

I have a repertoire of hundreds of songs and teach different ones nearly every time I teach. There will be songs of every genre, and many are difficult to categorize. Traditional, folk, gospel, spirituals, protest and freedom songs, pop, classical, jazz... All are simple enough to learn quickly. While a few songs may be familiar to you, most probably won't, as I find new songs tend to invite new ways of singing.

Does the name come from the Rise Up Singing Songbook?

Nope. But it's a great book, and I do teach some songs that are included in it.

Do you offer scholarships or discounts?

If you want to sing at a workshop but need financial assistance, please contact me. I offer a limited number of scholarships at every workshop and would love to ensure all have the opportunity to participate.

Can I come late or leave early?

You are always invited to take care of yourself in whatever way you need - coming late or leaving early is no problem. For those of you who are concerned that a three hour workshop may be too long, I invite you to come and see how it goes - we will take a break mid-way and you may leave anytime. The consistent feedback I hear is that the time zips by and the group often wants to stay for more.

I'm an experienced singer or teacher - will your class be useful to me?

Most experienced singers report to me that they find my classes fun and worthwhile, depending on what they seek. It's a treat to have experienced singers and musicians in the group, as it gives the group more options to have musical leadership. We will talk about basic vocal techniques that may be a review to you, but the experiential teaching style offers a unique opportunity to play with your voice in new ways. If nothing else, you'll learn new songs, meet new people and have a rare opportunity to enjoy singing your heart out in a group without any pressure or outside expectations.

What ages do you teach?

Classes typically consist of singers aged 14 to 80+. If you are younger than 14 or have a child younger than 14 who is interested in participating that's great, let's just chat quick first.


Have a question I missed?

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I want to sing like the bird sings, not worrying who listens or what they think. - Jelaludding Rumi