Corporate Team Building

With more than 15 years of corporate facilitation experience and 7 years as a group singing leader, Lisa Goettel brings a completely unique, fun and effective offering to working teams in the business environment. Her experiential, 75-minute harmonic team-building training focuses upon:

  • building capacity, awareness and team cohesion outside the comfort zone
  • deepening receptivity and listening skills
  • discernment between situations that benefit from receptivity vs. leadership
  • enhanced personal awareness of conditioned roles withing working groups
  • gaining confidence in risk-taking for the benefit of working groups and business goals

Guey Ing, a senior manager at a large, high-tech Silicon Valley firm, says this about Lisa's harmonic team bulding workshop with 70 senior managers in 2012:

"All the feedback & comments are very positive. They all like it and many feel they have learned something new. Harmony in team work is nothing new but it was a rare chance for most people to experience that feeling in a singing activity. They've told me that they now have a deeper understanding & memory of the importance of listening to their team mate."

Base rate for a 75 minute training is $1000, plus $5 per participant and travel fees.

Please contact Lisa to discuss and schedule.


I want to sing like the bird sings, not worrying who listens or what they think. - Jelaludding Rumi