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This song is an infectious joy to sing. Ideal with guitar, percussion and other South American instrumental, it’s an Andean folk song from South America.

Composer & Copyright

Original song by the Bolivian band, Los Kjarkas.


Guitar on the recording by Jay Burriss. Vocals and percussion by Lisa G. Littlebird.

Inspiration Track


SOLO: Voy a contarte hoy mi triste pena
la soledad yo llevo en mi alma
Voy a contarte de tristes desengaños
de ilusiones y de sueños que he vivido

Entre montañas valles eh nacido
me acunaron los Andes en su encanto
y al florecer mi tierra en su charango
vi crecer las zampoñas con el viento
Wayayay ayayayayayay wayayay…

Let me tell you my sad shame today
the solitude I carry in my soul
I’ll tell sad disappointments
Illusions and dreams I have lived

In the valleys between the mountains where I was born
I cradled the Andes in its charm
and all flourishes on my land in his charango
I saw pan flutes grow with the wind

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