Songleader Flight School

Littlebird Songleader Flight School
A 6-Week Online Course

January 15 – February 23, 2018

Next Offering:
June 17 – July 27, 2018

Flight School was exquisite, divine, and nourishing! Lisa designed the lessons and prompts with thoughtful care, insightful reflection, and valuable tools. I feel woven into a web of song leaders who are led by love and dedicated to infusing joy, kindness and compassion into our world.”
~ Francesca

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The last two cohorts sold out! 

“Community singing is a powerful and joyful way to reconnect us to our courage, joy and humanity. It’s also the quickest way I’ve ever found to create a “we” out of a group of “me’s.” Flight School is a great gift to emerging song leaders who want to lend their voices to this beautiful movement. Lisa’s generous and brilliant course equips budding song leaders with everything they need to foster song in the world with confidence and skill.”
~ Barbara McAfee, Professional Songleader, Author, TedX Speaker & Creator of the Full Voice program


Developed by community singing facilitator Lisa G. Littlebird, this online course offers an accessible but deep dive into the basic skills needed to effectively lead, organize and grow community song circles. The course has been refined based upon student feedback in the first two sold-out cohorts. It is offered over six weeks with a digestible and interactive presentation of the material each weekday.

Whether you are an experienced singer with a vision of starting and leading a choir or are new to singing and wish to rapidly grow your confidence singing with others, this course is designed to meet your unique needs.

Lisa writes:

“It is my passionate mission to see community singing become a  prolific activity in our modern, Western culture. I know firsthand that singing together profoundly boosts the wellbeing of each singer as well as the community as a whole. I hold a vision where community singing is as commonplace as yoga, found in every neighborhood and a part of our daily lives. I aim to create a pathway for many other song leaders to step forward – enriching the lives and communities around them while providing abundance for themselves. I see the uprising of a singing revolution that offers vitally necessary transformation and healing to our hearts, communities and planet.”

This is a course for those who share that vision and wish to be a contributor in it. You will leave the course with:

    • A digestible but comprehensive knowledge base of tools and skills, developed over Lisa’s decade of teaching experience.
    • A library of resources to support your ongoing learning and service in singing, song facilitation, community organizing and business management.
    • A rich network of peers and allies on your path from around the world.



The course includes:

  • Lifetime access to more than 10 hours of audio and video content, dozens of articles and online resources.
  • Pre-course self-evalution and testing to help identify your goals.
  • Personal goal and milestone tracking, supported by 1 private Skype or phone session with Lisa.
  • Video and audio classes with reading and review materials delivered each weekday for six weeks.
  • Assigned peer cohorts for interactive study, practice, support and networking.
  • Assigned buddy relationships for specific skill development and wisdom sharing.
  • Four group video conference calls.
  • Access to a private Facebook group with all other students to share resources during the course and beyond.
  • Access to a large and growing online library of songleading resources during the course and beyond.
  • A certificate of completion at the end of the course (not publicly accredited) with Lisa serving as a reference and mentor in your future endeavors.
  • Options to attend in-person trainings.
  • Resources and connections with peers and allies for a lifetime!


This course is well-rounded in that it addresses the full breadth of skills that Lisa has found to be most useful in successful oral-tradition style song leading. You will likely have some areas of fluency and other areas that are less developed. The course is designed in a self-paced, modular and customizable way, so you can focus more on your personal areas of growth and move quickly through the sections where you already have competence.

We will cover the following:

  • Group leadership & facilitation skills
  • Music theory basics
  • Ear training and harmonies
  • Specific skills for effective song sharing
  • Building and organizing song repertoire
  • Voice fundamentals – for yourself and coaching others
  • Community building
  • Business skills – organizational systems, marketing and creating an immediate career path by generating income
  • Profiles of other successful songleaders
  • Many new songs

Each segment includes specific skills and knowledge, Lisa’s personal tips and best practices and a large, living library of musical and professional resources.

This course presents the equivalent material of a college course. Plan for about an hour each weekday of coursework and study, with additional time for peer and large group calls. No assignments or emails will be distributed on weekends.



This class can be used and customized to meet a wide range of goals and experience. There is no grade or final test upon completion, allowing you freedom and ease to self-direct your time and focus.

You will be with a group of other students taking the course at the same time, offering a unique opportunity to learn together and share resources.  To ensure the most beneficial experience for you and the other students, there are a few suggested pre-requisites and requests. We ask that you:

  • Fully intend to participate for all 6 weeks and complete the course, including your commitments to peers for study support.
  • Budget an average of 1 hour each weekday during the course for study and singing. If you need to miss a few days it is no problem to catch up on following days or weekends. If you will miss many days, it’s possible to catch up in intensive study sessions but perhaps not ideal. You may want to wait until the next offering.
  • Are willing to share your contact information with the students in your peer groups as well as an assigned buddy. We will ask you to actively participate in these relationships during the class.
  • Have regular, reliable access to a computer or tablet with moderate to high-speed internet.
  • Have a basic technology skills, including: the ability to receive and send email attachments, navigate websites with video and audio files and download and install free web conferencing software on your PC or Mac.
  • Have some experience singing in a group in the last year. You need not identify as a confident singer yet, simply one willing to develop more skills and confidence, and someday to sing alone in front of others.
  • Group live video conferencing will take place at 5:30pm PST every Thursday during the course. It is not a problem if you have a conflict that prevents you from attending. The calls will be recorded so you can watch them later, but you will miss the opportunity to participate in the live q & a sessions.

If you you’re still not sure it’s a fit, email specific questions to Lisa – Your course fee is fully refundable until the course begins.


The price for this comprehensive course is $499.

Threshold Choir members receive a $50 discount. It is $99 for returning students wishing to participate in a structured and supported cohort again.

If you would like to arrange a payment plan, please contact Lisa at

A limited number of partial scholarships are available. Contact with a description of your singing and songleading experience, why you wish to participate, and brief overview of your songleading goals, along with your financial capacity.




Flight School is an amazing tool for anyone wanting to explore the powerful gift of song leading and song sharing. Lisa is a natural leader whose wisdom is communicated with grace and lightheartedness— a big feat in a subject matter that can be very emotional and fraught with vulnerability for many. I'm excited to go out into my community and the world and put my new skills into use!
~ Britta
The course is a wealth of tools and information that is new to me, even after more than 15 years of singing circles. It empowered me to spontaneously lead songs with strangers in unexpected settings (camping and in a restaurant, and with coworkers), and I have heard myself saying that I am a song leader. Many thanks to Lisa's exceptional song leading skills and generosity.
~ Susie
It was so much more than I had anticipated. The deliciously rich content feeds my song and I will be digesting it for a long time to come. The quality of Lisa's presentation was mesmerizing... seducing us into deep receptivity.
~ Johnny
This course was a very special journey in so many ways. I especially appreciated the ways Lisa made the course material relevant for such diverse abilities and experience, which opened up a freedom to push some edges, and leave some be. The group calls were beautifully facilitated, and well integrated with the course offerings. I loved the connections with folks that happened through those calls. Since I don’t Facebook, the class calls turned out to be the best connector for me. The peer group helped deepen that, and I look forward to staying in touch with so many inspiring folks. Excited about the retreat, which will continue to build this community. The rich resources are a treasure, a precious library to which I will return. Lisa's gifts are many, beyond being an angel-songbird: teaching, modeling, facilitating, coaching, creating & holding community. ~ Ellie
This is beyond a rare opportunity. This is life, joy, song, cultivation of community, offered by one who continually marinates herself in spiritual life and practice. This is for song leaders, singers, and all who wish to let life move through themselves more fully and joyfully.
~ Bonnie
The Littlebird SongLeaders Flight Academy is packed with information in an easy-to-digest format. Lisa's upbeat attitude and support inspired me to practice and know that I can become a song leader and make a positive difference in the world while also having a great time!
~ Jolene
As a total newbie to song leading, I appreciated the wealth of information Lisa has shared. This information will continue to help me for quite some time. Lisa's supportive, positive and kind spirit shines in all she does.
~ Angel
Lisa's professional background and music experience created a very valuable course for not only song leaders, but but all people who are interested in furthering their musical experience. This class is designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced people who love to sing.
~ Karen
I can't recommend the course enough! Lisa is a warm, inspiring teacher and a multi-media pro who knows how to mix mediums for optimal learning and class cohesion. Whether you're looking to grow your vocal, song writing, community building, business development, or song circle leadership skills, this course provides a rich community of support and a full toolbox to help you build a reality from the blueprints in your heart.
~ Amber


Can I take the course if I will be traveling and unavailable some of that time?

The course is designed to be self-paced to work with your individual needs.  You will miss some opportunities for connecting with other student and peer groups during time away but can receive the full benefit of the course material, and you will still have access to the course material after the course is complete. There will not be classes, meetings or homework assignments on the weekends.

I offer or want to offer songleading primarily for children. Is this course a good fit for me?

This course is primarily focused on the skills and repertoire appropriate for songleading with teens and adults, although there will be many areas that cross over and are relevant to working with younger children as well. In this course we will touch briefly upon working with kids and diverse age groups but we will not give it deep focus. It may be best to email your specific questions and intentions to Lisa – – to help determine if this course will be useful for you.